1859-635 Sparkling rhinestone-encrusted flowers, leaves and vines; 7 1/4"

1877-185    Wire-backed lace flowers and leaves in ivory with touches of rum pink,  embellished with pearls and rhinestones on twisted wires in rose gold or silver; 7" x 3".

1881-285  Rhinestone-encrusted metal flowers & leaves and rhinestones on twisted wires with pearl accents on comb; 4" x 3" wide







1855-210 Charming comb of blush enameled metal flower and light gold, 5”

1861-320   Austrian rhinestone flowers on glossy enameled metal petals, embellished with hand-wired rhinestones; 5 1/2” x 1 3/4”

1865-250  Handmade stylized metal lily flowers and rhinestone-incrusted petals adorned with hand-wired freshwater pearls, 5" x 2" on 2" comb  In Rose Gold or Silver, wtih Clear Rhinestones







1310-250  Dramatic comb of wired crystals & pearls on wavy wires accented with metal flowers with encrusted rhinestone & tiny pearls; 3"H; in 14K Gold with Ivory pearls

1851-440  Hair clip of delicate lace and rhinestone-embellished pearl overlaid metal flowers and enameled metal leaves; 6" x 3"; in ivory  with touches of rum pink

1873-235  Rhinestone-encrusted scrolls, flowers and leaves on comb; in Rose Gold or Silver, 4 1/2" x 2"







1876-350   Rhinestone-encrusted metal flowers accented with white opal rhinestones; 7" x 2 1/2"

1880-290  Rhinestone-encrusted metal flowers & leaves and rhinestones on twisted wires with pearl accents on comb;  4" x 3", in Rose Gold or Silver

1832-315  Sparkling chunky rhinestone comb; 3" x 1"








1854-055  Rum Pink enameled metal flower with light gold and rhinestone; 1 1/4"

1866-450   Vine ribbon headband of rhinestone-encrusted metal flowers and sprays of hand-wired rhinestones and freshwater pearls; ornamented section measures about 10" x 1 1/2"; in Rose Gold or Silver

1879-440   In Rose Gold; Stunningly regal tiara accented with chunky crystal rhinestones; ornamented section is about 10" x 1/1/2"











































New Headpiece Styles:

LC Bridal in dark bronze - #4

 Fine Accessories for Bridal, Wedding, and Other Special Occasions